The Power of Demographic Profiling in the 2024 Indonesian Presidential Election

Sonny Harry B Harmadi
Institut Teknologi Sepuluh Nopember, Surabaya – Indonesia.
Ricardi S. Adnan
Universitas Indonesia, Depok – Indonesia.
Tulisan ini dimuat dalam International Journal of Social Science and Human Research, 22 Maret 2024

This article discusses how demographic profiling played a crucial role in the victory of a pair of candidates in the Indonesian presidential election contest. Prabowo Subianto (PS), a retired general who had previously lost three times in a row in presidential elections, finally won in 2024 with more than 58% of the voters. PS’s campaign strategy included pairing with a young running mate from the millennial generation, which helped them achieve a landslide victory compared to the other two pairs of contestants. This article uses secondary data analysis to explain how demographic segmentation was used in the campaign strategies that led to their success. The findings of this study contribute to the existing literature on the importance of marketing concepts in political activities, as suggested by O’Cass (1996), Preko et al. (2020), and Kotler (1999). Additionally, this study questions the arguments made by Bene et al. (2023) about the strategic role of social media in political marketing activities, particularly in the Indonesian context.

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